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Voices from the Company: Sara Bruner, Acting Company

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Tuesday, July 6th

We have two shows up and two shows in rehearsal- things are getting crazy.  Some actors are only performing in the evenings, some are rehearsing all day, then performing at night; and others (like me) are rehearsing in the afternoons and evenings.  Those of us who are in rehearsal spend the day bouncing around to different “calls”.  We go back and forth between An Ideal Husband and Othello, and also have extra “specialized” calls added in for costume fittings and to learn fights, dances, and music.  I’m especially excited about the music rehearsal because we have a composer who is writing original music for Othello– so my (Desdemona’s) “Willow” song is exclusively composed for our production!  One of my favorite things about the theater is the level of collaboration that takes place.  The audience is essentially viewing the tip of the iceberg when they come to see a performance- as actors we are the most visible aspect of a show- but we stand on the shoulders of many fellow artists and administrators that are pieces of a complicated equation.

I have been studying my Othello lines all morning, and I’m looking forward to getting in the rehearsal hall an moving around a little and putting things into action.  The first blocking rehearsal that we did for Othello was the final scene in which —–SPOILER ALERT—- Othello strangles me.  It was a really hard scene to try to tackle first, but I feel more fearless now because we went head to head with a tough scene in the beginning.  I also have some Ideal Husband rehearsal today- the entire show is blocked and we are just polishing it right now.  Aled Davies, one of our long time company members, is the dialect coach for An Ideal husband.  We have been training hard trying to perfect the sound of this show- it’s Oscar Wilde so we are all getting on the same page with our British RP (received pronunciation).  All of us have done RP before, but it is a skill that you need to drill constantly in order to perform at the top your game.  Aled has been great and we are making good progress.

More to come!

Sara B.