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Visitor Health & Safety

COVID-19 Updates

Season Update: March 28, 2021

Dearest Patrons,

As the flowers start to grow this spring, so does our hope and excitement!  We are nearly back together in the amphitheater and we can feel how sweet it will be to greet you there. If you are able, please watch the video above from Charles Fee, Producing Artistic Director.

There is a lot to interpret, deliberate, design, and eventually adjust before we are certain of how our Amphitheater Homecoming will truly “play” out. We are sure you can imagine our entire company deep in the trenches of investigation, reunion, and safety planning all at once.

Clearly time is our most valuable resource, and we need more of it.  Realizing this time deficit, we are pausing our ticket sales in order to ultimately best serve you, our affirming and vital patrons.  We are thinking of it as a “positive pause,” one filled with our visions of how we will be together again this summer under our beloved starry Idaho skies.

We will almost certainly open the season later than we had thought, perhaps not until July.  But, whatever decisions we make this season, we guarantee all tickets and will honor whatever decision you make about attending this summer. We first will reach out directly to current ticket holders to adjust reservations as you choose, based on a season we hope to announce and put into place.

We will need your help if we are to re-open safely. Prepare to come along with us as partners in safety! Masks likely will be required in the amphitheater, and other protocols will certainly be part of our commitment to public health and the health of all who work with us. Together, we can do this safely and celebrate great theater in the great outdoors this summer.

Thank you for bearing with us once again, and supporting us in countless heart-warming ways throughout this wild year.  We simply cannot adequately express our gratitude.

We will be back in touch by May 1st with more concrete visions of 2021 in the ISF Amphitheater & Reserve…. with YOU!

“True hope is swift and flies with swallow’s wings”
Richard III

Health and safety is our priority and we will be working closely in collaboration with health and safety professionals, who will continue to guide us in the weeks and months ahead. The safety of our audience, cast, crew, and community is an ever-fixed star. It does not alter when it alteration finds; and, indeed, remains uppermost in thought.

Cancellations Processing

A form to facilitate processing will be placed on this page when we have a 2021 season plan fully in place. We will have an update no later than May 1st, 2021. We will first contact current ticket holders to adjust reservations based on the new season we hope to announce. Thank you for your patience!

In the case of cancellations the following options are available to patrons who previously purchased tickets to the cancelled events. 

  • Donate the full value of your tax-deductible tickets to Idaho Shakespeare Festival. We are committed to your satisfaction as a valued ticketholder and are incredibly grateful to you for your decision due to recent cancellations, resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak and the guidelines presented by local and state officials. Your act of generosity makes a tremendous difference to the entirety of our nonprofit organization (ID #82-0316246) during this extremely challenging time. An acknowledgement letter that formally recognizes your generous donation will be mailed to you.
  • Receive a refund for any portion, or all, of your earlier purchase(s). We fully understand.