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Boise Weekly: Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband At Idaho Shakespeare Festival

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by Deanna Darr

Sean Harrigan, Robert Guicheteau, Dakotah Brown, Ian Rice- An Ideal Husband (2010) Photo by DKM Photography

If you have any questions about the true power of language in the hands of a master wordsmith, go see the Idaho Shakespeare Festival’s production of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband, which opened on July 16. Nary a lingering doubt will cloud your mind after a few hours spent in the company of one of the most celebrated writers in the English language in the hands of one of Boise’s favorite theater company.

Actually, go see it even if you just want a good laugh and an enjoyable evening under the stars.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the fact that even after more than 100 years since the play’s debut in London in 1895, the sentiment still rings so true that it isn’t challenging for a modern audience to get the joke. It’s a testament to the fact that Wilde not only had a rare understanding of his peers, but of the very root of what drives mankind.

“I love talking about nothing,” says Lord Goring (played by ISF regular David Anthony Smith), “It’s the only thing I know anything about.” Read more